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  1. Yes I know This system. But Fiver needs to notify me ,my client coment on this or else how can i understand my client comment men When i am not in front of my laptop.
  2. When My client comment on my sample image I didn’t get any notification on my mobile. But other messages are okay, get regular notifications. This happened continuously I think it’s a bug on Fiverr. Is it only my problem or for all ?
  3. First of all Thanks you so much . image771×409 49.3 KBIf you don’t mind ,could you please tell me how you get this ?
  4. Not yet. But I want to try that’s why I ask you about your experience. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.❤️
  5. How was your experience with promoting the gig? Share your experience with us Please We really want to know about your experience.😃
  6. Yes, it is a bug. Many sellers are seeing it, but their gigs are still active. thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  7. Hello why this happend ?/ I already fill up this and also i am not a usa person . So why they show this ?? Is it bug ??
  8. please wait. I hope it will become if not please contact support
  9. stay online . send buyer request . And always be patient .
  10. first, when I send my file my client not online when he come back he starts revision. then I ask him what you please inform me he informed but 3 days letter then I complete his work his as he wants,then I send a sample but he is not online and he did not give me any feedback is his work okay or not. so how can I understand is his work okay or not. now my gig going to be down day by day. nowadays I can’t get any order from Fiverr . di you have any idea how can I solve this issue ?? 490/5000
  11. How can solve this ?? This buyer starts the order for 1 day but he did not come in time. when I send his work he starts revision but no response from him. continuously message him but no response. how can complete this order? He did not come regularly nowadays I am fade up. Does anyone have any idea how can I complete this order?
  12. really this message goes to my Hedberg.it’s completely wrong idea to get an order from anyone.
  13. yes. but some newcomers not work properly. sometimes they have not enough skills. if they start promoting their gig .sometimes buyer orders their gig but at last he did not get his work properly. so how you handle this ?? then they get a bad impression for a fiver
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