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  1. Additionally, I'd say you should build something off Fiverr. Utilize LinkedIn, and other social sites to build your client base. Use Other freelance website too. Fiverr makes changes from time to time based on what they feel is good for everyone but the fact is, it may not be to your advantage. so, look for other alternatives for yourself.
  2. Thanks for this reply. I came up with having a free 15mins discovery session with client on zoom and I must say, its very helpful in letting client know I know my onions. I have only had 2 sessions so far . The first is to teach and educate my client on how to use Mailchimp while the second is about let them know about the best strategy that fits their business. So far so good. I got the order but not the tip yet. Thanks
  3. Contact customer support so that the account can be disabled. You can also report the account as many times as possible.
  4. Rewrite your gig description and maybe change your gig profile image Deliver high-quality job and Complete your next order on time. Promote your Gigs on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter Respond to buyers request
  5. Oh wow. Thanks for the info.
  6. Or some kind of software that can notify sellers that new requests are available.
  7. I don't have anything to discuss with him again. The conversation was going on well until he joined with a false narrative. Sorry about that.
  8. From this Screenshot, It shows you don't have your requirements yet. Please ask for requirements and get detailed info about the project. it's one thing to get an order, it's another thing to submit and be rated 5 stars for a job well done. Please get detailed info. I wish you all the best.
  9. You could go to my profile but not to bring proof of what you claim I said. You could use that button without showing me. LOL I repeat, joke's on you.
  10. Bring Proof. I don't care for all your corrections again. You're trying to avoid the real issue here.
  11. Please stop tagging me unless you have proof. What's there to be concerned about? Tag your friends like you did before but show them proof of what you claim I said. It makes you right not me.
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