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  1. I unfortunately know this feeling, as in my area we have had some massive earthquakes. I've had friends see their house collapse, some lost relatives, some are still now afraid to sleep at night (the biggest earthquakes happened at night). It's terrifying - you wake up, you rush down the street with your pajama on, barefoot, and nothing has sense anymore. I strongly recommend (to whoever has 5 minutes) reading this work by the greatest Giacomo Leopardi, "Dialogue between the Nature and an Icelander" : http://leopardi.letteraturaoperaomnia.org/translate_english/leopardi_dialogue_between_nature_and_a_icelander.html
  2. @newsmike , yes I will tag you in every post that has a new Conga-like word. Looking forward to build a dictionary.
  3. Read TOS. You accepted them when you signed up, just look up "Fiverr TOS" on Google.
  4. I think your prices are too low for the professional service you're offering. I would expect at least 50$ for all that work. Try making more gigs. Also, you could try making a video about your gig (i.e screen recording while building one of those drawings?) , as it seems a difficult topic for someone that's not in the field. Good luck!
  5. Oh please. Being online 24/7 won't help you in any way. While some buyers will use the "online" filter while looking for services, they won't choose a poor quality gig even if the user is online. What gets you orders is the way you build your profile, your gigs and your portfolio; your skills and analytics (response time, completion rate etc) are the most important thing you should care about. Especially if you don't freelance here as a full time job, just get on the app often to check Buyer's Requests (it may help you with the first orders) and be sure to answer inbox as soon as you can. This doesn't mean waking up at 4am because you heard the notification of course, sleep normally.
  6. He says "600 delivered gigs in the last year in another freelance website" tho, so maybe it's not that low (if he's honest about the number of course).
  7. I'm sorry...Couldn't help myself😅
  8. Not an "experienced brother" (pretty sexist, is there any other term you could use? Users? Sellers?) but I'll answer your question: Spamming means creating a lot of posts that do not help any user. Writing ten times "thank you very useful information" just fills the forum with useless content. You can just use reactions. Same for "how i get order" "new here what are rules": there are a lot of topics written by experienced users or staff, just search for the ones who already have answers. This forum is meant to help users, not to post any thought that comes to our mind.
  9. I just realized that my post may seem rude... I did not intend to bully the poor guy, his tips are right😅
  10. You can check this topic:
  11. Your advice is a bit confused but not wrong... The thing is, why don't you follow your own tips? You don't have any reviews or order, your response time it's 50+ hours, your services are offered by thousands of sellers🤔
  12. Your niche is full of sellers offering the same service: what makes you different from them? Is there a special style or technique that you use that will make the buyer choose you? For example, maybe you do only minimalistic 3D logos. Or only black and white, things like that. Also, your gigs descriptions are full of mistakes, try Grammarly or hire someone to rephrase them. You can also attend the free Learn Course here on Fiverr.
  13. This section is for experienced users who can share advanced tips or advices. We know we have to get good reviews. It's the whole point of the site.
  14. You can check here https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360014585217-Why-was-my-account-disabled
  15. You can't create more than 1 account, check TOS.
  16. Your advice is to create gigs...on a site where you have to create gigs to sell your services?
  17. I'm pretty good, but too busy with work and University. I spent the first part of 2021 in lockdown, then in exam session, then working again so my mental health just deteriorated. Fortunately I could work enough to have some trips during August, so I came back quite relaxed. Now I'll start classes again, in-person work, volunteering in a wildlife center and taking Russian classes (I'll probably drop d3ad by December since I won't have time to breath). I also quit social media some years ago, I just have an Instagram account to keep in touch with old friends or international friends - plus I love photography so I enjoy this kind of social, no opinions or politics, just me and cat pics. So, I'm just chilling🤷🏻‍♀️
  18. There are some things than can be considered "red flags". If they call me dear/bro/sis I will block them right away - especially if they call me "dear", pretty sexist. If they don't give any hints on what the project is about. A buyer started talking about "a lot of work", "10k hours to transcript in 2 months"... Yeah, no. A serious buyer would have a project in mind and just tell you. If they talk about "long time collaboration" run. If they talk about a contract or agreement, run. If their English is so poor that you can't understand what they want. It may not be their first language etc, but the risk to deliver the wrong product is too high. They want really cheap prices (ex. 1$ per article, 50$ for 50k words). They ask for unlimited revisions - don't. Other than that, just take your time and get to know the buyer, your gut will tell you if you can trust them or not.
  19. Yeah, and If I wrote "ajajdkxnjaoak" it would have 0 competition, because it's wrong. Nobody will order a gig with a wrong title that screams "unprofessional".
  20. Meh. Charge what is right for the service you are offering. If you want to start with a SLIGHTLY lower price, it's okay, but don't undersell your service for 5$. Think about your qualifications and how long would it take to complete the order.
  21. It's full of mistakes, you can try Grammarly or Languagetool to improve your gig. Also, you may give your gig a better title (I will create professional YouTube content, not "I will creator"). Good luck!
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