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  1. I also edit gig alot but no any feedback 😭
  2. What’s going on?? If you have any idea?
  3. Whats going on?? If you have any idea?
  4. Leave it because buyer has 3 days to response!!! Otherwise order complete automatically
  5. Share gig on Social media and also send buyer request
  6. Its help alot in every issue… Experties came to answer your question
  7. Hello, Hope so everyone doing well. I am very worried because My gig gone on last page, one month ago No order came from new buyer. And also promote option disable. Please HELP me. Here my GIG link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/0KlyPk
  8. Really bro…Same happening with me… I also not able to promote my gig, also my gig on last page!!
  9. Thanks your for everyone for great info!!
  10. Thank you for great info!!! I will do
  11. Thanks you soo much…I wil do!!!
  12. Thanks for the great suggestion!!
  13. Ohhhhhh…Now what you are doing for to bring gig back in same position??
  14. Thanks for sharing Important Information!!
  15. Please anyone Expert here!!1 Waiting for response
  16. I am level two sellers. One month ago, no order came from new buyer. Also, my click and impressions reducing,. And my gig also move to last page… Can Anyone tell me reason?? Whats going on Here my GIG Fiverr.com chris_ld : I will vector trace, recreate your logo within 2 hrs for $5 on...For only $5, chris_ld will vector trace, recreate your logo within 2 hrs. | Welcome to my GIG!!!If you are looking professional Graphics Designer for vector trace, recreate , low resolution into high resolution file or convert to vector | On Fiverr
  17. Welcome To fiverr Best wishes for you!!
  18. Share gig on social Media and Send daily buyer request
  19. Welcome to fiverr!! Hardwork oneday, you will success!!
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