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  1. Yes you right. My gig came back in same position
  2. Everyone have this one issue… 😐
  3. Welcome to Fiverr!! Share gig as you can to increase your impression
  4. Welcome to Fiverr!! Which type of confusing do you have? Please share with us, So we help you as i can
  5. Absolutely Right… Gig video plays important role in gig ranking
  6. My opinions is share gig and active mostly hours on fiverr
  7. Thanks for kind Reply… But before reply, please read topic carefully then reply Thanks
  8. I just changed my tags and expect that I will have another slow down. Also, there are so many new sellers every day and new sellers get a little help in the beginning. There are only so many first spots after a search and if you look…there are many types of sellers on the first few pages. So sharing the spots is becoming challenging. That’s why making your buyers so happy to come back is extremely important. 80% of your business comes from 20% of your buyers so remember to always embrace the re -order!!! I am also waiting for come back gig in same position
  9. Thanks for response!!! Yes, you right. I have edit my gig then this will happen to me
  10. Exactly same doing but nothing feedback
  11. Ohh…Sorry to hear Whats going on 😭
  12. Trying to this…Give 100% result to old client
  13. I post here because I though this one issue link with my gig. Because My gig gone on last page. And also competed order from old client, also edit gig and also sharing gig but no any feedback. My gig still on last page with no impression click etc. Thanks
  14. issue1829×188 28.7 KBWhat is that issue when I open fiverr forum. Then this will come. Can please anyone tell me?? Because I am also facing gig problem, one month ago no order came from new client?? Thanks
  15. Really!! Its going with everyone Now what a solution if anyone?/
  16. What going on??? Everyone saying same here
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