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  1. its a scam he had done then! where are fiver policies now they are not even replied?
  2. I contacted them but they did not replied?
  3. i already emailed them they did not replied
  4. brother he approved the order and give me 5 star reviews
  5. Hi! Buyer approved the order i deliever it and then fiverr custom support cancel that order? What is this? can anyone tell me here??
  6. i was level one seller before then I demoted to new seller that’s why I am asking
  7. i was level one seller before then I demoted to new seller that’s why I am asking
  8. my question is in this 15 i promoted to level two or level one?
  9. Hi! I have a question about the Fiverr level system. I demoted to level one to new seller the previous month but now my all requirements for level two is completed. In this 15 I promoted to level one or Level two? thanks!
  10. Hey there, guys. So I’ve actually been a level 1 seller since around October now and I was really excited when I attained it but it turns out that since then, I’ve been getting little to no orders. I really appreciated if some experience people here check my profile and tell me what’s wrong in it. Thanks in anticipation! My Fiverr account link: https://www.fiverr.com/ubaid_hameed?up_rollout=true
  11. Hi! I hope you guys are doing great! My order completion rate goes down day by day Even though after the cancellation of one order I got 4 new orders but instead of it is getting better it goes down. Any senior person can help me with this. Thanks!
  12. I asked Buyer to allow fiver to show my work on the gig and now fiver won’t allow the buyer to submit a review. Anybody know why?
  13. Hi tariq thanks for your valuable suggestions. i have one question i got good impressions on my gigs and my impression on one gig also reaches to 1.4k but got only 3 clicks i got orders but they are from buyer requests i did not get a single order from my gig what do you suggest? Thanks!
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