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How can get a order?


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I sent a cartoon to a magazine in New York one time. I received a rude letter in reply telling me that I stunk. It was not enjoyable, but quite helpful. I am going to do the same for you, as gently as I can.

You will not get any sales without major changes to your gigs. The thumbnails which appear in your profile, and thus obviously in the search results, are not merely irrelevant to your gigs. They are actually blank - albeit colored - screens. What about that would persuade a buyer that you are able to do anything?

Your gig videos are doing you more harm than good. They are basically just pages of text scrolling by. In some sections, your buyer has to wait patiently after reading just a couple of words, and another cases they have just a few seconds to read a long list. In no case do they get to see your actual work. You are selling graphics, give the people graphics. Try shooting a video of you talking to the camera and use your work as B-reel.

Other stuff: Smile in your photo (although I have seen much worse). Remove those skills you list which you can only claim to be intermediate at. Capitalize the word “I” in each place where you have it lowercase. Add more gigs. Try to branch out of the incredibly crowded photo editing field. Think of something brand-new, or at least browse through Fiverrworld until you trip across an uncrowded space. Pay Blaisfaint to proof your gigs and profile.

Best of luck. 🙂

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