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Earned my first $300 in Fiverr?


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Hi All,

I want to share my not sooo success story with all you guys. Recently, I earned $300 in Fiverr and I am very happy to share.

I will brief you what I will do in Fiverr. Professionally I am a software tester so I started same service in fiverr. I started doing website testing, usability testing, and software testing in Fiverr.

Initially, I joined Fiverr by someone’s recommendation but I didn’t earn anything for first 1 year and I stopped using Fiverr. Then after some time again I tweaked my gig and I got my first order. I completed my oreder and delivered more that the gigs cost. I got good positive review.

I started getting orders frequently and I used to test website thoroughly and deliver on time. Everytine I will not get positive review response as few of my orders got cancelled due to late delivery. But I can say that it happened because it took more time for testing. I want to add that I am working for a company so I have to give some time there. I always take negative review as a positive point for my learning. I will make sure that next time I will not repeat the same thing.

Currently I am working to improve my gig. I am getting orders but I want to make my gig more clear to the customer so that they can easily decide whether they want to buy it or not. Focussing on customer satisfaction which will ultimately helps to get more orders.

I can consider this success as a first step. I want to touch level 2 then further. During this period I want to make sure that I will deliver the best test report on time.

After working in Fiverr I observed that key to success in fiverr starts with gig details, response time, review comment, rating, delivery time and delivered result.

Hope that I will reach the level where top earners are there.

Thanks for reading.


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