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Increase my gig sales,


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Over the last few years I have been performing Graphic related work with low cost
( Adobe Photoshop:

  1. Clipping Path Service (hand made using photshop pen tool)
  2. Multi Path Service
  3. Background Removed
  4. Image Cropping
  5. Photo Retouch
  6. Jewelry Retouching
  7. Jewelry Enhancement
  8. Hair Masking
  9. Beauty Retouching
  10. Channel / Alpha mask
  11. Layer / Soft
  12. Photo Restoration
  13. Natural Shadow
  14. Drop Shadow
  15. Color Correction Service
  16. Image Reflection
  17. Neck join.
  18. Image Crop & Resize


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Your work and reviews look great! I would suggest perhaps a longer description with more details. There are some mistakes in the English/grammar as well, perhaps you may want to revisit your bio & gig writing, or have somebody proofread it for you! That may help.

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