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Question regarding Gig Extras


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I read the FAQ regarding it, and a couple of forum posts on the topic, but I’m still confused.

So lets say I click the Send Offer button, I fill the fields Description / Delivery Time / Offer Amount / Revisions, and below that there’s a section for Gig Extras (Optional), are those charged as an extra fee for the buyer?, or is it like extra things that I offer for free within the package?


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Dear Xelpii:

Gig extras are extras for which Buyers pay extra if they want the extra benefit of the particular Gig extra.

That’s why you must be careful that your Gig Packages and your Gig Extras are harmonious.

For example, if your gig package offers 3 revisions and your gig extra is for an additional revision, the Buyer should exhaust their 3 revisions before buying that extra. If you tell your Buyer that they need to buy the gig extra revision when they haven’t used their gig package revisions, they will be able to make a case to Customer Support that you’re violating the Fiverr Terms of Service.

Often the Buyer does not see the gig extras until after they initiate the purchase process.

Good luck,

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