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The ability to change the order of gigs appearing on our profile


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This one might seem odd to some but hear me out 😄

When I started working on this site I had gigs all over the place. I still kind of do.

In the time I’ve been here I found my calling, the one thing I want to pursue in my carrer. This is now my highest earning gig. Here’s where the problems start. On my profile I also have gigs that are completely unrelated to my main service. One of them is listed on my profile as my best seller (not at the moment as I have it paused). The unrelated gig has more orders than my main one but most of them are $5 gigs. My highest earning gig has a little less orders but the average on it is somewhere around $20.

I started sending visitors from social media sites on my profile for my main service but when they land on my profile they see that I have a totally unrelated gig as a best seller.

Would it be possible to enable us to position our gigs as we want on our profile? I don’t think this should be a problem and I’m sure there are people who would love this as much as I would.



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