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Fiverr will not let me go up to level 1


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Someone reported me and I tried talking it out with fiverr customer service because I literally did nothing wrong in that situation.

Fiverr customer service told me that it will just “take longer” now that I’ve been reported. That makes NO sense to me due to me not doing anything wrong.

I’m getting really good ratings, have never gotten a negative one.

But I know that level 1s get more activity from customers.

What do I do?

Should I start over again and make a new fiverr account? Or just stick it through?

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Whatever you do, do NOT make a new account! You are only allowed ONE account here, and if and when Fiverr realizes you have two or started a new one, they will ban both of them.

Besides, you have a 100% rating overall, and, if you started over, you would be starting from scratch to get to that Level One status anyways. The time frame it may take you (30 days and 10 orders) to get to Level One with a new account may very well be the SAME amount of time it will take you to get to Level One with this account you have now.

Keep plugging along and you will level up in no time!


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Open another support ticket, explain the situation like it was the first time you were doing so and give the order number plus the buyers name in the ticket.

Explain that you tried to solve it with the buyer, you did do that right? If not, do that before you contact support. Tell them you tried hard but seller not responding or cannot understand the terms or is confused etc… Ask them if they can look into it on your behalf as you are honest seller that is ready and willing to:

Work with the buyer and keep the lines of communication open in order to resolve the problem.

You have my permission to copy/paste the exact sentence from above in your support message, it has work well for me.

Please report back what happens so others can learn from this.

Hope it helps,



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