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Payment by Payoneer :)


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Reply to @mark_vision: Fiverr has not yet enabled the “already have an account” option, so you will need to submit a new card application. However once you submit it we will see that you already have an active account and send you a link you can use to cancel the application and merge it to your existing account.

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Withdrawal of money from sites like Fiverr is easy. Many other sites make life difficult as they insist on reaching a minimum level of balance to be able to withdraw. This is not fair as many small contributors help the site to grow but are not able to reach the floor level to withdraw. As these users burn out midway the big sites digest all the sub-floor level balance silently.

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Greetings Payoneer Support,

I Already have a Payoneer Card and wants to merge it with My Fiverr account.

I tried registering with the same email but it says am registered so i registered with a new email and after getting the reference number i replied the email as you instructed in one of your comments but here’s a reply i got from Payoneer.

Dear Austin,

Thank you for your email.

Your card application is under review with our Account Approval Department. Once your Payoneer card is approved, you will be informed via e-mail.

Here’s the reference Number for the New Account I Just Created. 2948058.

My Username for My Old Payoneer Card is delordsmail @ yahoo.com

Please How can I Merge it Please. I don’t want a new card.


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