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New experience to work a Uk client


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I have received a new experience to working with UK client. I had received an order from UK client after inbox. He asked to me for invoice in 20$. Also he asked for the print ready and editable file but he never to said for publisher format. When i had prepared invoice for him in Illustrator and sent to him two format. At least, He ask for publisher format. If i fail to deliver publisher format, He want to back money. When i agree with him, he request again for prepare publisher format. At least, I prepared a publisher format and given to him without cost but he did not given any review.

This is my great experience!

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Hi khairul01,

It sounds like there was a bit of misunderstanding in this order but I’m happy to see you resolved it. Sometimes buyers (and sellers) can assume certain aspects and it only becomes clear what they mean if there’s an issue. i.e. in this case the buyer asked for an editable format - yet wasn’t clear what version he meant. As he himself probably isn’t a graphic designer he may not have even realised the difference. Alternatively, this could have been for someone else (such as his boss) and only on completion did he require that file type.

If your custom quote is clear on the file formats and types which are included, you are within your right to ask additional funds for additional materials/files. It’s a very mature move from you to send it for no additional charge and hopefully they appreciated that.

It’s a shame that you didn’t receive a review but I wouldn’t correlate a buyer’s origin country to how “good” they are going to be.

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Hello @twistedweb123, I’m in a slightly similar situation with a client and it seems like the problem is past being resolved, He was my first client on fiverr and for my first job he gave a 5 star review. After which he gave me 2 more jobs simultaneously I accepted. I was quite delighted (finally things were looking up) I did both and submitted them on christmas morning both posters one facebook banner and a flyer.

He didn’t let me know the “flyer” was for facebook, problems like me working in cymk and designIng with an A4 size made the output distorted on the platform he wanted to put it on(facebook) and from there so many issues came up as result of miscommunication, laced with verbal insults from him to cut the story short he accepted the facebook banner and gave me a 3 star review( still thanked him and gave a 5 star review for him as a buyer) but little did I know that when you have a rating lower than 90% you can’t send offers to prospective clients through the buyer request panel.

If I can’t get new jobs I cant improve my current rating from 80% to 90%
hence i cant get jobs from prospective clients

And I believe things are just going to get worse in my zeal and overt enthusiasm to get my first job I set all my gigs to unlimited revisions, which he has used to frustate me requesting right now over 4 to 5 reviews going back and forth on changes. He said he’s not interested anymore i’ve wasted his time and money, I should send him what i’ve done so my job would be marked as complete.

I’m really frightened he’s going to give a worse review for this job and my account may be suspended or something.
Please any advice on how to proceed

Ive tried to persuade him with what I have, I even offered to do free designs for him to which he said he’s time is too valuable to take anything free from me
I just want decent reviews so I can move forward and get recognized little by little

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I would be honest with the buyer and just outline the situation as you have here. Explain that it wasnt clear what sizing the banner was for and as a new seller yourself, you are getting to grips with how the platform works.

See if a middle ground can be found and if there’s anything which can be done to potentially remove or increase that previous 3 star review (as it’s lowered your percentage to not be able to send offers).

If your buyer is rational I’m sure he will understand. If he sends abuse or profanity then it’s clear you are not at fault here and customer support may be able to help you.

Fiverr can be a steep learning curve as you’re not just delivering a service, you’re also learning how to use the platform and run a business at the same time.

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