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How to Fix the issue : We cannot approve your seller profile



I recieved an email that says "we cannot approve your seller profile " and Honestly  I don't know why I got rejected from the seller program

in this month I created my fiverr account, I added a picture, description, experiences, certifications and everything, my personal informations were confirmed by a 100% rate

and today when I wanted to create my first Gig I was asked to verify my identity by sending a copy of my Id card. and that's okay until now everything is fine but today after two hours 
from creating my first Gig I got this email. I dont know why exactly I got rejected, is it a rule i didn't respect or what kind of violation I did.

Can someone please help to solve this problem.

We cannot approve your seller profile.png

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Hello @yasser_mastour 

We recognize how important it is to you to become a Freelancer and thank you for your interest in our platform. If your request was reviewed and not approved, please kindly note that we can’t change this decision. You are welcome to continue using Fiverr as a Buyer.

We appreciate your understanding. 

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