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I would like a script ready to send for custom orders


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I get a lot of buyers who prefer to get a custom order from me.
I find that most of the time the custom order I send is one I send repeatedly.

Is there a way we could have a scripted custom order ready to send?

I mean a custom order with all the boxes checked for the offer on the form
and the description of what we will do already filled in, so we can offer it with one click.

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I understand what you mean I think. You’d like all the options, like 3 days, $15, to do x etc. filled in?

How about you make a gig that has the most common custom order you get, then have a quick response message that links to that gig?

That’s a great idea.

However for some reason my buyers like to first ask something and then get a custom order from me

with my suggestions.

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