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A tribute to Mr. Sam Cornwell


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Many of you guys will know Mr. Cornwell from him popping up over Fiverr since the very dawn of it’s existence. Sam started in the days when tumbleweed use to have a pride of place on the homepage!

He offered a video gig, ranting videos and also the Photographic Aura gig which is still running now! All which earned him a Top Rated Seller badge and arguably the deserved first Super Seller Position. (No offense to Adam, who is also quality)

Over time, Sam’s qualities shun threw to Fiverr and they recruited him in the Public Relations team. Then his life got much busier with his lovely kid entering the world, by lovely wife Bev.

If you should even have the luck to meet his acquaintance, I am sure it will be a positive one!

Here’s to Mr. Cornwells moustace of Handles, stolen from Hulk Hogan! =D>

Post your experiences below.

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