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Announcing New Category Updates


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We’d like to tell you about some updates to the Fun & Bizarre, Lifestyle, Gifts and Other categories that are scheduled for this Monday, November 14th.

We are streamlining these categories into one category: Fun & Lifestyle, while introducing several new subcategories and tweaking existing ones. As part of the changes, we are also migrating many existing Gigs from their current location to the new subcategories where they will receive the most traffic from relevant buyers.

If your Gig is among those being migrated, you don’t have to take any action. Rest assured, no Gigs are being removed from the marketplace as part of the migration, and these changes will not affect search results.

Our goal for these updates is to make it easier than ever before to browse and buy on Fiverr - which helps sellers like you grow your business and earn more. The new structure will also help prepare the Fun & Lifestyle category for the Gig Packages feature, which will become available soon!

New sub categories in the ‘Fun & Lifestyle’ category:
Viral Videos, Pranks & Stunts, Gaming, Other, Greeting Cards & Videos, Your Message On…, Health, Nutrition & Fitness, Celebrity Impersonators, Arts & Crafts, Global Culture, Family & Genealogy, Collectibles, Relationship Advice, Spiritual & Healing, Astrology & Reading, Online Lessons.

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