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How can i rank my gig in fiverr?


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Yes, Right now I only have one gig. I invest over 5 days and $200 for making my first gig and invest +$300 on promotion. That’s why I got good positive result from first day.

I hired Content Writer, Script Writer, Voice over, Video editor, graphics design and business analysers to make a perfect gig. But that’s not enough I’m still investing on my gig promotions, few fiverr sellers are working to promote my gig on social media and I make a website as well to do SEO and PPC for refer traffic to my fiverr gigs.

I’m not a fiverr expert but I think making lot of gigs is not helpful. You need to focus on one gig and work hard to make it perfect and after that create another gig and so on.

I planned to make 2 more gigs and they are in process. Hope I will publish them within this month or next month.

My suggestion: Make a perfect gig and when it got high rank then make another. Making low quality gig is spamming and you will not got good result from them.

If you are agree with me then give me a thumb up



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Perhaps, spending 500$ on a single gig is a bit too much. It is likely to be effective, but it might also leave a huge hole in your wallet.

You do have a point, though. From what I noticed, gigs are ranked based on positive reviews, returning clients, relevant tags and flags. Flags include anything from a CS report to multiple late deliveries. This is not some kind of universal truth, though. It is what I noticed from my personal experience on Fiverr.

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You have a point and I’m agree with you. Impressive looking gig only attract new buyers and ranking of a gig is depend on positive reviews, returning clients, delivery time, and response time. But right now I don’t have impressive numbers of reviews and good ranking or levels. The only stuff I have is full control on my gig so I invest lot of time and money to make it impressive and use all my skills on what I have in my controls.

So far I got just 14 reviews in last 8 days and not sure I invested on right thing or not.

Lets wait and watch for result

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