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  1. Take the free course on " learn from fiverr " then optimize your gig Couse link here
  2. thanks, actually i was a character(mascot logo) design artist but some personal reason i dont want to do any more character design. that’s why i delete my previous gigs because they are all related to the character design. now i start from very beginning . what suggestion you have for me to improve my gigs and getting order faster ?
  3. i was demoted to level one and then i am again back to Level 2 but the early payout is gone 😦
  4. I am a level 2 seller and I have been working in Fiverr since 2016. I have met all the qualifications for the Top rate Badge 1 year ago but I am not getting that badge. Not only that, I have seen a lot of new sellers who are getting the benefit of boosting their gig but I am not getting that either. What else do I need to do to get these benefits?
  5. My Response Rate 100% Delivered on Time 100% Order Completion 100% my level 2, no negative feedback and I always maintain this . in 2018 I Earned $9,000+ but 2019 I Earned $1,880.4 this is significant revenue loss. I don’t know why I am not getting that much Order in 2019. I remember i was on a vacation in 2018 December. after that my order significantly decrease. now I am totally zero Order but now I am able to provide 100times better service than 2018. please, guys, check my gig and suggest me how can I overcome it. check my GIG
  6. search your category work on Fiverr and check top 10 gigs . see how they use there title and descriptions. what types of keyword they are using . i hope you can easily understand what u need to do . but dont copy anything just research them .
  7. Optimize your GIG image with a positive color background. make it eye-catchy. use SEO friendly title and Description. use a valuable price that is appropriate for the gig price.
  8. should I deliver 2 different logos or I design 2 different logos but buyer choose one ?
  9. I need to know that, What does “additional logo” mean?
  10. thanks, i need professional and good FAQ . i want buyer can easily understand everything! thanks again for your answer 🙂
  11. i actually need to know What should be kept in GIG FAQ? i need question and answer for FAQ! please help
  12. hi guys, advice me how can i rank my gig ? thank you .
  13. you can use adobe kuler
  14. always be active . share your gig to social media…
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