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How did you achieve Level 2 seller status? (or Top Rated, for that matter)


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I’m having mild success with my gig (providing targeted business lists), but the orders are not coming in at a rate that will bump me up to level 2.

I’ve tried promoting my gig on facebook to (what I think is) a properly targeted audience: anyone between the ages of 21 and 55 who are interested in marketing and business.

I also have a video, and have refined my description to entice the viewer to buy (ideally).

Are there any tips you all have to offer someone such as myself? Should I post more gigs?
Should I up the price to $10 instead of $5 to be taken more seriously?

What did you guys do to attain level 2 status? (or above)

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My advice: don’t worry about the levels. Focus on presenting a professional gig, promoting your gig where your customers are located, and completing any orders that you receive to a high level worthy of a positive 5-star review.

You do not need to be a level 2 seller in order to be successful on this site. Level promotion will come with time. Focus on the work. The benefits will come when they come.

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