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Non Disclosure Agreement


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I’ve been sent an NDA by a client.

  1. It’s got all his business details, name, email, phone etc., obviously
  2. I have to put my business details, name, contact details etc. in order to validate it.

I’ve worked with this buyer before, I know he doesn’t realise the issues with this. He’s a nice, reasonable, professional guy.

My message telling him I’d have to check with Fiverr got flagged for Trust & Safety review, and I’ve dropped them a message as well. But I’d like to know if anyone else has been in this situation and how it was resolved.

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An NDA is fairly standard for a lot of work I do as is getting/giving email addresses for logins to sites etc.
Simply fill in the details and send it back as an attachment. Generally I print it out and fill it in by hand but its up to you. I always include the following text in a separate attachment.
“This email/contact details are to be used for the reason given in the message only. I will not respond to other messages sent to this email address and any attempt to contact me outside of Fiverr will be reported to Fiverr customer support as a violation of their terms of service.”

It sounds threatening enough to discourage them from doing it, I’ve never had an issue with it, and it is still professional.

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I have gotten NDA’s before. I usually contact CS first and ask them for permission. One time it was declined another time they gave their OK.

To avoid any issues in the future I would suggest you do the same :).

Fiverr’s Trust & Safety seem to be screening more now. I have heard that even attachments are pulled for screenings these days.

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