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Can anyone tell me how to send buyer's request Perfectly?


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Why are you looking at the buyer’s request if you are a seller? This is how many seller loose out because they try to trick the system. If you post in the buyer’s request fiverr reviews your request and if they find out you are trying to advertise your gig, then that will be another story. Use social media to put the word out that you are a seller. DO NOT TOUCH THE BUYER’S REQUEST, IT’S FOR BUYER’S

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As it relates to Buyer Requests, it would be recommended not to post there asking for a job. It’s strictly for persons who are looking for sellers to do a task for them. What we would recommend, however, is to scan through those requests on a daily basis, applying with a very well put-together offer message, stating even some free samples available prior to them ordering. (Also offer to deliver more within a shorter time-frame, for less $). This improves your chance to get the job over more experienced sellers who may apply for the same post. (We would even recommend applying with only a $5 bid just to get a response, which will open the door for more negotiations, even if their budget is $1000).

You must also try to stay “Online” as much as possible to increase visibility, as most buyers click “Show Online Sellers” when they’re searching for sellers. So you would be more available than even Top Rated Sellers in most cases. Contribute to the forums as well to improve popularity and even garner more info as it relates to the do’s and don’ts. Also use the Fiverr App to ensure you can respond to messages within the hour to stay competitive.

Hint* You have more than 1 gig, therefore, you may place one in a different category than the other in gig setup (Still in a similar category though); thus, when you visit buyer requests, you will be able to even filter and apply for more buyer requests that weren’t in the previous category.

All the best!


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