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Fiverr totally inclined towards buyer


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My buyer ordered app development gigs from me after every gig he stopped the server and demanded more work for free. I did that as I was starting in freelancing. Now that his whole project has been completed he has shut down the server again started claiming that he didn’t get the required work.

When I tried to sort it out with him he refused to give me access to the server and is now demanding to get a cloud based server and apple developer account for free from me, which he had to provide according to our agreement.

The support has been completely worthless, uncooperative and only saying sort it out with the buyer. The orders are all completed and buyer himself initially said that the apps were working fine. After order was marked as completed he put in a dispute and now the support does not even listen to what I said and is being totally uncooperative and saying that I should provide him with everything which would cost me more than $300. I even sent them all the evidence of the delivered work from the conversation but they are totally uncooperative and biased towards the buyer. My withdrawals have been blocked and they are not opening even when all the evidences are given to them.

Buyer now have complete work with code. Now also demanding server and developer account and demanding the money back as well. The support is totally unhelpful and totally biased towards the buyer. I again tried to contact buyer to sort out this issue but he is increasing his demands again and again. The support is being unfair and unjust as all the evidence is given to them.

The orders are all marked completed and now its been 20 days since then. The support is forcing me to provide him with every thing and also new updates which he wants which is totally unfair, unreasonable, unjust and illogical. Is this what happens on Fiverr.com??

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