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Pls help! opened my account april but no orders


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@khasee - I’ve checked out your gig offerings and with the category in which you expertise, I’m surprised to see that you’ve experienced with no takers.

Graphics have been a huge part with everything, everyone does these days. Web design & dev. use it, so do digital marketers, business presentations and so on…

Here is what I suggest you could do to get the bigger ball rolling -

  1. Create different gig offerings in multiple different categories (not just Graphics & Design). A huge segment of graphics are also being sold on ‘Digital Marketing’, ‘Advertising’, ‘Business’, ‘Lifestyle > Online Private Lessons’, ‘Gifts > Greeting Cards’ etc.
  2. Use the option over ‘Selling > Buyer Requests’ as well. You may read through another of my articles on this here -
  3. Probably use a better (much appealing) gig image. I’ve also found being witty & also a lot funny helps (I offer my Virtual Assistance gig as - “I will be the Alfred to your Batman”).

Will add a few more points as and when I find any; however, for now I strongly believe that this should help!

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Keep in touch with buyer requests. Send offers describing your service for buyer requests. You have have 10 offers per day. I recently reached level 2 in a 03 months since I joined on may 2016. I sent only offers daily and I am level 2 seller now. So, try it up and keep in touch.

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