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Faith in Yourself


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Life is hard. How do you cope with the pressures of everyday living? How do you find the courage to start your own fiverr business and stick with it?

Faith in your ability to adapt creatively to any given circumstance is vital to success. Weathering the hard times requires an unquestionable belief that you will make it. You will breach the steep hill to financial freedom.

The famous motivational speaker, Les Brown, says faith will give you the patience necessary to achieve your goals. Never giving up. Never saying I quit. The threes P’s to personal glory and greatness are: patience, positivity, and perseverance.

Patience when faced with no sales is important. Its easy to throw up your hands and quit. But if you quit, the pain will never cease. You will always regret throwing in the towel. Therefore, have the patience that is required to endure the slow times.

Positivity is key when dealing in the arena of life. Rather its writing your gig description or responding to a customer, always radiate positive energy. Doing so will attract more customers and take you one step closer to financial independence.

Persevere the slow days with no sales. Stand firm in the conviction that success is coming. Never waver. Don’t allow negativity to encroach your metal state. Fight on. Always remember you are the director of your emotions; you control how you respond to any given situation.

Keep these things in mind as you go about your day. Affirm your commitment. Make a declaration to the universe that you will not go quietly into the night. You will not bow to the pressures of a negative world. You will rise above it all and shine like the brightest stars in the heavens. And no one can stop you. No one can rip your dreams from you.

Your future is unwritten. Your destiny is in your hands. Never give up, never say die, always strive for a better, stable, and productive future.

Now carry on, my fellow fiverr warriors!

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I so much needed this words now 🙂
Thank you for encouraging and motivating me!

Currently, I am facing huge problems with having not a single order - a situations than never happened during my Fiverr experience.
I do not lose my positive approach, however it’s rather frustrating and makes me very angry.

However, I know that it’s only a period that will end very soon!

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Good read! Thanks for remind us never give up.
One tips for all sellers, it’s very true and very practical.
When there are no sales in a row for a week, ALWAYS keep updating & improving your own gig, no matter it’s gig cover or gig description or price. Keep tweaking it to be little better version every time, until new orders finally rolled in. I always did it and it really works. Even though you thought your gig already look perfect.

Only problem was that you’re lazy, waiting fiverr send you sales without reason (they love you with no reason?) or you are just doing lousy gig here (no quality, just copy others idea/technique, offer in cheap price, get rich quick).

The true problem fiverr may gave us may their Server Down, 404 time when the site are unreachable. That’s the moment you can ■■■■ them hard on forum or on social media. 🙂

Best Luck to all of us.
The fiverr journey continues…

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