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  1. I think you need to read what I wrote again. I didn’t say you are a newbie. Please read it again.
  2. Just take it easy bruv! Even in real life businesses go up and down. But just know this too; As a newbie on Fiverr or when you first register on Fiverr, they see you as a baby and they pamper you, treat you specially and help you promote and build your business. Yes, they are generous like that. Every day, millions of sellers register on Fiverr to sell the same kind of services or even a better one than yours. Guess what? They also need the same kind of treatment Fiverr gave you when you first came. So, it is only natural that Fiverr drops you from the baby list for them -after all you have what it takes to survive on your own now. It is a process every old seller have gone through. So, stop thinking it is just you alone. Fiverr doesn’t know most of us here, so they can’t possibly be treating anyone differently. To keep breaking through on Fiverr just add little patience to all the virtues you have got. Finally, Fiverr is still one if not the most flexible, friendly and easy going Freelancing platform. I love Fiverr.
  3. The e mail address on the payoneer account is it the same as with either the old or new Fiverr account?
  4. I am assuming you got that duration (60 days) from the minimum requirements to reach level 1 seller. Those are just the minimum requirements to qualify for being promoted to level 1. You can take as little (minimum limit for promotion to level 1: 60 days) or as long as want to meet the requirements for the next level. There are no negative repercussions for taking longer than 60 days. 🙂 The only requirement for upgrading to a level is the number of reviews you have got, for which level 1 is 10 reviews and so on and so forth. The 60 days thing is actually the number of days you must spend on Fiverr with over 50 reviews to get to level 2 not 1. For level 1, it is 30 days. What that simply means is, even if you came to Fiverr today and completed 1000 jobs within 24 hours, you will never get any badge until you have stayed up to 30 days to get the level 1 badge. 60 days to upgrade to level 2 and so on and so forth. So, don’t bother about the number of days or years you have spent on Fiverr, no one cares! Just concentrate on completing jobs and making money. Cheers!
  5. You can’t remove the flag and it won’t affect your gigs’ appearance. Just be careful not to attract another warning flag, that’s when it will affect you real bad as that means you might be simply on your way out of Fiverr. So, just move on and be more at alert.
  6. You sound as if Payoneer charge you per 4$ that you withdraw? The 1$ charge is for every withdrawal be it a 1000$ or more. How I change it? Maybe that’s my little secret. Don’t forget, the topic of the conversation is how much does Fiverr worth, before how can you spend it? You can start your own response by stating that you spend $1 on the Payoneer charge. I didn’t add that because I don’t even feel the deduction when I make withdrawals.
  7. Yeah, I did exclude the card charges because that has nothing to do with Fiverr. But when I change $4, I get about 1500.
  8. I get $4 after Fiverr cut and that’s about 1500 Naira in Nigerian currency. That can do a monthly internet subscription, buy about 10 liters of patrol, feed you three square meals (depending on the quality) That can pay for bike to work for about a week. Of course, you can do a lot with that. Lol:joy:😂
  9. I will advice you inquire about this from CS.
  10. I have had an experience where a buyer cancelled an order close to two months after it was marked as completed and Fiverr marked it as red for me because there was no money there, but as soon money cleared into the account they took it. I just didn’t mind them, I moved on. You too can move on. Even in real life, we all have ups and downs in business.
  11. My penny, while you do that be sure to have withdrawn all your revenue from Fiverr. This is incase you didn’t find the link to your account again. Lol:sweat_smile:😅
  12. Good, just move on. If they come along, fine. If not just take it as one of those loses that life throws at humans sometimes. Cheers!
  13. When Fiverr cancels an order without notifying the seller it often means that the buyer had reported to Paypal and Paypal’s refund policy is strictly followed. This means that when a buyer reports to Paypal that they had ordered a service from Fiverr and they were not satisfied with the job delivered, their CS will review that claim and if it is found to be true, they just contact Fiverr and at that instant, Fiverr owes no seller any apology before cancelling such orders. Of course, that’s not fair but Fiverr would rather cancel an order from their end than face a legal action from Paypal. I know this because I once had an experience with a buyer who was troublesome. The only thing I guess Fiverr would do easily is to ban such buyer from Fiverr but getting them to pay you? I don’t think so. However, just report to Fiverr CS and wait for their response. And while you wait, please keep doing other things.
  14. You can start by doing a search and see the prices other sellers in your niche are selling. I think that should help you know how much you should add to your current price. The idea is to make your price as competitive as possible. I wish you goodluck!
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