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I am upset, Please suggest me


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Hello there,
I think , I made a mistakes to trust someone and talked with her very bad way .I was so upset .
Some clients ordered me before, after that some technical problem , it took time, and she cancelled the order, and told me she will order again.and after that I fixed the problem , and I offer her my gig.

But she refused to pay me… So I sent her some messages, That I shouldn’t .
My mistakes, That I wanted to check first and Let her know if I fixed the problem then She will order my gig, as I wanted to check first am I able to work it or not.

But She refused to order me.
So, I have no idea, What did I do . I think, Its my mistakes to trust someone. I think My mistakes, I wanted to check first . I always took care of my clients. I dont have any single negative or bad review.

I am always honest and trustworthy . I am loyal all of my clients. I never think to cheat .
I love Fiverr And I am full time fiverr free-lancer.

May You please suggest me, what I supposed to do ? Did I make mistakes to talk like this way . IF she dont want to order or p.ay me. She can easily told me.

I am so frustrated… I am here for work not to cheat anyone. Please suggest me.
I am waiting for your valuable suggestions. If I made mistakes, Please advice me. Thanks.

My messeges to her "God must punish you.And i pray God must punish you to do this to me…Its really upsetting matter,i completed the work,and u r telling me,u did. How funny…

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Yes that was harsh and not cool, very unprofessional on your part.

Move on, let it go and learn from your mistake. Lets hope your client isn’t going to contact CS to complain.

If that would be me in your shoes I would aplogize to the client for the outburst and unprofessional behaviour.
Just a quick polite message to say sorry that’s it. Don’t chase clients, take pride in your work.

You probably had a bad day and took your frustration out on the client.

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you are right, I never talk like this way . There are so many times, Clients accused me wrongly that they did the job. And they refused to pay me.

I never text him badly . But I dont know, why did I do that . Actually last Seven days, I was In hospital for patient(uncle). Was looking after him.

I worked for the client , I was always there for client. When The pay time comes, She refused. And That time Uncle died. And she

I got mad. I dont know, why I was so harsh. 😦

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Client complained about me, And Cs gave me the feed back

We can inform you that threatening to your clients and saying “I hope God will punish you” is not something we would love to see on our platform,and certainly not consider as professional and kind behavior,therefore warning is given to you accordingly to your violation of our Terms Of Service.

so, I violets Fiverr terms and services. now I think, I am in Bad trouble. And I am sure that client really afraid because God Will punish her must . Because She made dishonesty. So she was afraid, and complained

now, I dont know, what I supposed to do .

I am really afraid now, and ii dont want to loose my account

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There really isn’t anything anyone on the forum can do to help you. Your best option now is just to calm down, leave the other person alone and if you haven’t replied to Customer Support, just reply politely to them and explain that you know you did the wrong thing and that you won’t do it again. If you let everything alone for awhile you may not have any more problems. I suggest, though, that you don’t talk with the other person any more unless they were the last one to contact you. If they were and you do decide to write back, don’t say anything at all except “I am sorry.”

To make sure you understand some thing about Fiverr’s policies, according to the Fiverr Terms of Service the “buyer” did not officially do anything wrong. You don’t ever have to do any kind of work unless they already placed an order and paid. If you choose to, that is your own decision and it is not the buyer’s problem. Even if a buyer says that they might or will order later, they are not obligated to do so. It might be a little rude, but it isn’t against the rules. The buyer does not need to be punished by a god, Fiverr CS,or anyone else. You may have misunderstood the buyer or perhaps the buyer just changed their mind about ordering. Even if that isn’t nice, it’s just something you have to let go of. You were the one who did wrong no matter how you look at it.

I would also suggest that you leave religion out of your business dealings. That is just my opinion, but it is very easy to offend people and/or lose clients by using religious terms. I have known people who would even be offended if you said “god bless you” because some people have different beliefs.

Other than that, you don’t need to do anything special. Just keep on working as normal, but don’t bother that one person anymore. They don’t owe you anything at all. CS gave you one warning and if you don’t do anything else wrong, it might stop there. However, if you get another warning you could be in serious trouble, so just don’t behave badly.

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I am really happy and amazed. I really love your suggestions. And you just give me another chance to stay in here. I am really happy to have you in here.

+++About religion+++
I never mixed religion and business, Actually she was started to to talk about religion. There were so many things she told me about religion. So , in that case, I texted her .I never mixed business and other things. I know how to do it. But in that case, if she never talk in religion, i didnt also . I know I did mistakes. i was mad. I can easily get rid of her.

In here all buyers are not good. I have more than 10 client who is from outside of fiverr. Because of me, They created account in Fiverr, That I can get paid timely. I agreed with couple of clients, they are going to hire me, daily . And already they are paying me before I worked done.

So , I never expect all people are same.

+++As Fiverr Rule, Clients always right++++

Yes, I made a great mistakes. I know She was cheating me. I should easily stop contacting with her. But I didnt . I got angry . This is not first time clients cheat .
But I never reacted like before. I really dont know, why i did that .

yes, I will always remember , that if clients slap me, I will ask them to slap again with smiley face.

Thank you again @fonthaunt , You just give me a life saver solution .

And, Also CS told me, if I help in here people, and if I help entire community , then they will also forget this matter.

++++++++++++++Thank you so much again for such kinds of true tips++++++++

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Sorry but what I have learned there is that nobody cares about your personal problems. All the customers want to receive a high quality work. They could be very upset if you deliver poor work or even deliver late.
Talking bad with your customers is so so so unprofessional and this could really hurt your business. Always respect everyone is about education. Don’t put personal problems into business because people just don’t care and they just want a great job done.
I would recommend to apologize your customer even if she didn’t pay you, do what’s right say you have an awful day and you’re not like that and hope to collaborate with her in the future.

All the best,

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