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Tip for Buyers: To choose the Best one


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Hello Buyers
Today I’m going to tell you “How to select the Best and Trusted Seller here on Fiverr”

The First thing:

Your Seller Must have 90% or above Positive Rating.
If your seller have not 90% Positive Rating then please Don’t Order that Seller…

The Second Thing:

You must know about the seller work and his/her skills for the particular work or work experience before the buy the gig, Because your job quality or concept is totally depend on his/her thought and experience of work. If he/she experience person for the specific job he/she can do better job for you and your organization.

The Third Thing:

This is so important!
If You choose a Seller with 90% or above Positive Rating.
If you have a long project, or even need a couple of things done, sample first if unsure who to use.
Then ask him for sample of his/her past work…
The fiverr GIG is not Enough

The Fourth Thing:

Country Should Not Matter
There are amazing sellers all over the world. Sometimes people skip sellers because they assume their work will be sub par based on the country or origin. Bad product comes from everywhere. Some of the best work I have had done for me as a buyer here is through sellers from very different places.

Give Newbies a Chance

Everyone wants the best of the best.But it depends upon you
If you give them a chance
Then may be they will be the Best…


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Thank you for the advice but can you elaborate on this? I am quite new in fiverr as a buyer and am just trying to understand the details.

“Then ask him for sample of his/her past work…
The fiverr GIG is not Enough”

  • why isn’t fiverr gig enough if it is a long term project? the main benefit of fiverr is that you can always cancel the deal, isn’t it?
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