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Its been almost half an year and still i haven't get any sales :(


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I have created many nice gigs. They are unqiue. Those ones like mine are appearing on home page of fiverr but mine are not even visble to people. When i check my stats it show viewed 0 times.

What to do?

I open my account daily in hope of getting some order and logout in disappointment. 😦

here are some gigs :


Also, i want to know what happens in case if someone places an order he does not reply to the instruction given/ does not submits the information about his order…?

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leenagig said: Also, i want to know what happens in case if someone places an order he does not reply to the instruction given/ does not submits the information about his order..?


The order is waiting for buyer to respond. In this case, you can send him a message in that order page, then if he reply to that message on that order page, order will start to count down the timer and it's money has inserted to your account, but not availabel until complete the order.

In simple, just create a message on that order page, then buyer will respond to it, then that response received by that order, then order is active.

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Reply to @leenagig: You should thank jrmkr for answering your question…or was your intention was just to get people to view your gigs?

NOTE: If you don’t promote your gig, especially to your targeted audience, then you won’t make money. You can’t just create gigs and expect sales to just fall in your lap. Good luck.

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Wow @leenagig. I think you have a great gig!

But first, try to use maximum fiverr tools to promote your gig. Try to create an expression YOU WANT TO SELL in fiverr.

Provide 3 sample image at your gig profile image. Then, add a video. Fm here, customers will at least know your are seriuos about selling at fiverr… ;;;)))

  • Just my 2 centsssssss
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i ve seen your gigs and i must say that they are quite good, however, have you tried to see if there is a demand for such gigs on fiverr? am not saying the gigs are not ok, but are there buyers with interest in what you are offering?

maybe you might need to try some other gig ideas.

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Reply to @coolservice2013:

yes i have seen many such gigs.

Some sellers has created similar gigs like mine but their gigs are shown on home page. but mine are not even visible on any page. They are getting sales as their gigs are visible to people. My stats show that my gigs are viewed zero times till now.

If people get to know about them they will surely place orders as other similar gigs are getting order on a regular period.

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Reply to @bachas85: Thanks for your feedback but i am trying this only from last 5 months. But this is not helping. This is because the sales majorly depends upon only the exposure on fiverr. As this is not compulsory that anyone who is added to our facebook or twitter account is also active on fiverr.

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Reply to @coolservice2013: right. i like this post. so leena, do whatever you can to investigate your gigs potential and if you feel like 1 or 2 or maybe more of them are “loosers” drop them and start doing something else.

theres a huge demand for photoshop work here on fiverr, but you must offer top quality.<br /> Meanwhile look at how your gig titles are writen. For example: "I will draw your photograph as PENCIL sketch and will send you for $5" you should go and write photography. photograph is good but not good enought.<br /> Also: "I will prOFESSIONALLY tattoo nearly any part of your body for $5"... why didnt you wrote professionally or PROFESSIONALLY ??

Anyway there are some small things you need get them fixed ASAP.

Just after that expect to receive some orders.

Good luck!


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I think your not offering anything unique, most of your gigs are being offered by other sellers, with a higher level and better ratings then you. Its obvious buyers will buy from them instead of you. Try to package your Gigs and make them utterly awesome in the start. Once you start getting sales then lower the quality and put the awesome stuff in the extras.

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Reply to @anitech: Aren’t they unique? First kindly check them: 🙂

Some of them are only one of t heir kind of fiverr. And some are similar to some gigs. But those gigs are getting large amount of exposure.









I agree that people will prefer high level seller but Some of the gigs are shown on the home page just after they are created. After about 1-2 hours of their creation having zero sales. They are shown on the home page and that’s how these sellers get attention and crosses level after level.

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Reply to @anitech: I mean,


Look at this gig. this is created 3 days ago. I am not saying anything bad but that gig also is not a awesome gig. it also doesn’t have much sales. No level. But still it is been shown on home page. I can’t understand what is the criteria of providing exposure to a particular gig.


here is another gig. Gig is very nice. But there are many sellers who are giving the same service with high ratings. Right anitech? this gig has no ratings. No level. Nothing unique. But this is also shown on fiverr’s home page since today morning. And now there are 12 orders in queue. That is what i am trying to say. If these gigs are shown by moderators on fiverr’s home page. Why mine are not even visible in search page? they are visible. but for that, one has to scroll down 12-15 pages. I mean, who cares to go down so much? This will hurt his fingers too. Thats why i am feeling low. See, I am trying hard. i am devoting my time but then also people are not getting to know about my service.

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ram ram leena ji

I have been working as a web designer and graphics designer for some years now and to be true to you, your gig lacks presentation http://fiverr.com/leenagig/professionally-edit-your-pic-in-one-of-the-hundred-effect-or-animations

what you need is some simplified description of your gig and some live animation results in url I can do that for you for free if u want

Also put better effects and images like the one selected here is not the best


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I haven’t read all of the comments here, and I haven’t looked at your gig page, but I know why you’re not doing well.

I did absolutely NO promotion of any kind when I first started selling my gig on Fiverr. But I’ll tell you what I did to get to where I am now (averaging at least 1 $100 sale per week on main gig, not including other orders).

  1. Find a service that’s in demand. You can look over the gig requests, or you can find services out there that are performing extremely well. Even moderately well. When you find something that MANY people want… and a service which you know you can perform, then it’s time to move on to step 2…

    But first a quick note. The reason why MY gig is in demand is because people HATE to write. Combine the fact that no one knows how to properly “do” copywriting, and I’m in a market where people want to make money while doing little to no work (direct sales), then you have a recipe for a successful gig.

  2. You need to put your own twist on that gig. What makes your gig special from everyone else? This is your USP (unique selling proposition). Be sure to highlight this in your gig description.

  3. Copy the “tags” that are being used from the most popular gigs that already perform the service that you want.

  4. Upload pictures and a video, and provide SOME type of proof or demonstration of your gig. Just be real.

  5. You need to properly write your gig description. Here’s a general outline.

    Tell them why they’re here.

    Tell them what you can do for them.

    Tell them what to do next.

    Obviously the must important step is #1. If you don’t have a gig that’s in demand, then you won’t make very much. After creating my first main gig, I tried creating several side gigs (without doing research), and I got lucky that one of them does well… then rest of them hardly got any exposure through Fiverr alone.

    Again, I average a couple hundred dollars a week now - and that’s with absolutely no promotional efforts. I hope this helps, feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions (or if you’d me to clarify on something).
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