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Age of a seller - possible issue?


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So, there are MANY gigs on being a spokesperson.
Men, women, 2 or 3 youth and some puppets.

I was looking through the search, I found some interesting ones that I might order a gig from. However…

there are people who don’t look their age. I can’t have a spokesperson that is under 18.

Is is against fiverr policy to ask age? what about just asking if he/she is under/over 18? Just like a convenience clerk would ask you if you were getting a pack of cigarettes.

If it’s against fiverr policy/rules…I found 3 sellers who can do a video in english, french and spanish. instead of me looking for 3 separate sellers. It won’t save me any money if I get one english, one french and one spanish speaking sellers over one that speakers all 3 languages.

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