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Fiverr is not Fatal


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Fiverr is a great platform. Many Peoples Success story is lined with fiverr. There are people who were not treated properly in their workplace but here on fiverr became top Rated sellers.

Indeed a great Freelancing site But every ones life is different. there are people who have minimal skills and doing great on fiverr and then there are people who put every thing into their work but not getting there. Yes they are using their social media and everything to promote,giving their best for the low cost yet they are not getting any sales.
they have read many tips, Forums and FAQs on how to make their 1st sale but nothing is working for them.

I am here to break out the truth. Not every thing is meant for every one.If you can’t make your 1st sale on fiverr after doing your best do’est mean you are a failure. don’t be sad. There will be other ways , some other platform which will work out for you. all of the 5 fingers are not of the same size, each one of them is different and meant to perform different things. You can’t take out your booger with your thumb and you can’t do the thumbs up with your Index finger (sorry for bad examples but that is how i pep talk ) . Each thing performs differently and meant for different things. You own a universe inside you, you are Special, don’t let your self esteem and your confidence be down by zero /minimum sales on Fiverr.Reach out for something new. You are created for a Different purpose that only you can do and no one other can. just keep on learning new things if you are not a hero yet on fiverr and also keep looking for other platforms . some where your presence will be enjoyed.

keep struggling and keep learning. have a nice day !
Farhan Ali

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