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Attention! Beware Of Hackers. [CLOSED]


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Hi dear sellers
hope you all will be fine.
Today I wanna tell you something that you guys do not know. Now a days, hackers or spammers

are on fiverr. Now question is how they hack your accounts or harm your pc?
So ! First I am telling you how they start their work. They come to the sellers and pretend

to be a buyer . They always say that they have a lot of work for us. A big order !!!
They may ask to work for project with a company . Every seller will be easily ready to do

this job.They will also buy your gig. But still they can’t hack your pc or account.
Their method is that they will ask you to work on their project online on team viewer. Yeah

! that is the begining of this danger. Now those sellers who get ready to work online on

team viewer , They are ruined. Hackers send the sellers a file. This file contain the

harmful material.This is only virus. As the file is recieved , our pc is hacked in few

seconds. Now , nobody can solve this problem if you did this. HAckers will transfer all

funds. They will hack every account.
So , be careful. They can’t send those files on fiverr. So they use this trick. A person

also asked me to do a job for his company . I understood the whole matter. My one friend

wasn’t aware of this. He told me the whole story that how his pc got hacked. He did a

mistake guys. But I ask you to don’t fall into this trap. They give such a big offer that it

is so difficult to reject. Control your mind. Be careful. Stay blessed

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