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Order completed 1 month ago, but today it's been cancelled by Fiverr Support?

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I’m so shock receiving the notification that an order was cancelled by Fiverr support.

It was $15 order and we have complete the job a month ago (prove by the report and the result is still there).

I’m desperately contacted support, but no answer until now 😦

How can we prevent this, because it’s so wasting of time and energy to complete the job while then buyer after month can get their money back.

Any opinion??

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Fiverr support wont answer your request because it was someone scamming the gig bud. I have had it before too. I provided proof and all but they still grant the money back to buyers because they use this loophole on paypal which is a no contest refund no matter what.

So dont waste your time. You win some you lose some, have to cut your loses once in a while. Fiverr need s better verification process because I know what the loophole is, and its near impossible to win against it EVER.

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