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i’m a level 2 seller here in fiverr. since i’m bit free these days thought of of writing a little note which will be useful to beginners in Fiverr (i’m not expert in fiverr but hope this will help)

so you started selling in Fiverr right!!! or you might be hoping to join as a seller to fiverr. so here are some things that i learn through experiences which might help you to become a most wanted seller 🙂

  1. first thing make your profile clear and make sure that it includes lot of information on you that buyers fell trust even after reading the profile. do not use “hi man my name is… i just do…” such words to explain your self.

    be more professional with what you write take some advice or read few of the top rated sellers profiles before you write your own. trust me that helps.

  2. use your own profile pictures in your profile, reason why i’m saying is that buyers fell more comfortable or trust when they see a professional looking photo, and yes don’t put a photo that taken when you are drunk 😛 even the photo should be quality.

  3. when you creating a gig hop into the buyers shoos and think what they may type to search!!! so use such keywords in your gig (even i have gig against this but i think this is the best practice for starter ) . try to provide unique service

  4. don’t make a gig just because you have to!!! remember you are hoping to earn form here so you have to put some effort to it, best effort would be nice looking video. definitely video will help you to start. so don’t wait till you get 1 or two jobs to create a video.

    even i’m not good in speaking, my english is not that good. but what i did was adding a video which describes what I do … so remember if all the above give 40% boost to you video will give you another 40% directly… so put some effort on creating a video

  5. after you became a seller (i mean after you sell some gigs ) then you will start to feel how you have to behave in Fiverr till that do not makes mistakes (like i did) mistakes in the sense do not deliver late, communicate with seller better. in my context i get lot of different tasks each of them are unique if your story is like mine, don’t take orders that you can’t do!!! that will only make you worst… that order might be your first but!!! only accept orders that you can do!!

  6. never cheat your buyers. because this is a community!!! if you cheat one then you be popular among all the buyers that you are a liter so don’t do that… if you can’t deliver what you promise contact with the buyer politely and explain him your situation coz most of the seller here in fiverr are great!!! they will understand you (try to understand this situation at the very beginning before you accept the order )

  7. there is a very basic concept in business studies that “customer is the king” so you should treat that way!!! , hey don’t laugh man… i’m serious…

    That is all i think good luck to all my fiver starters!!! and wish you all the very best


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Hello since your a seller i want ask questions as a buyer, I ordered something 8x to try get 2k votes and it says its supposed be delivered by tomorrow. We agreed to few days later but i’m worried if the money just be taken out of my account once the delivery date is past or not. Please help me because I have tried talking with seller who supposedly had (700 orders and 7hr responding time) has taken way longer to respon longer then 14 hours and now I am worried because I am on the last 4 days of my contest what do you think i should do??

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