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What if I don't know if I want a Web Developer, Video Editor or Content Mkt?


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So…I want to advertise to people what I can do and what I have done, specifically with macros. I was thinking the best way to do this is to record video of me demonstrating macros, what they are, why they’re beneficial, etc. since I’ve found there’s a lot of decision makers out there who can sign a PO who don’t know they can have macros developed to make life easier.

That alone right there would be considered content marketing, right? But then, if I do the recording I also need a video editor (or something) to take what I’ve recorded and block some of the content out since some of the macros I have to show were done on sites/web based software that I don’t have permission to advertise, nor do I think the owners of the sites/web based software would like me showing off that their software/site had deficiencies that needed macros to alleviate user pains.

So then I’m thinking, maybe I need a Web Developer to create a mock up of the sites/web based software that has all identifiers removed and I can record video of my macros against these neutral imitations instead of the actual sites themselves.

Or maybe I need all three in different phases? I don’t know…at the end of the day I want to educate users on the benefits of having macros developed and how even a simple macro can save hours of time, while at the same time advertising my services of being able to develop macros for the prospect and showing off some of what I can do.

So, after reading that wordy summary explaining what I’m trying to accomplish, what do you think I need? Where do I post my request? For that matter, I may be looking to go with the cheaper option of 2 or 3 of these but that may require posting 3 gig requests?

Any advice and help would be appreciated. Maybe what I really need is just a consultant who will take this portion of my business stress and just find and create a solution for me :).


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