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That’s a bummer! Lots of people aren’t aware that if you don’t request a revision within 3 days of the original delivery, Fiverr automatically marks the request as “complete.”

It sounds like you approached the seller once, which is great. I would suggest approaching them again, explaining that you can’t in good faith leave a positive review for incomplete work. This might prompt them to do the revision, even though it’s outside the agreed-upon timeframe.

At this point though, you may want to get creative and ask if the seller will do the revision for a quick extra $5 order. This will prompt Fiverr to open a new project, and then the seller will have an easier way to track the revisions and will have a little incentive to do the work as well.

Technically, I would side with the seller here because revisions need to be requested within that 3-day timeframe, and anything after that shouldn’t have to be honored. But I think you might be able to get creative with a work-around. In the future, make sure you check your order deliveries ASAP so that you can request revisions before the order closes!

Good luck!

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