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Hello,all Seller…




please check my gig,and can anyone suggest me,if there anything still wrong with my gig ?




you can suggest anything


please tell me which things look bad to you .


so that i can modify my gig,As I am going to advertised it to 10Million+ people Soon




===Suggestion Gift===


First Selected Suggester=>400-500+Visitor per Day For Whole Month


Second Selected Suggester=300-400+Visitor per Day For Whole Month


Third Selected Suggester=200-300+Visitor Per Day For Whole Month


And Everyone Who Give me Good Suggestion,Will Get 100-200+Visitor Per Day for whole Month


To Any Link You Want

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I"ve had a look at your gig. While nothing is technically wrong, I believe all your claims are legit. The only reservation I have was it all sounded a bit far fetched. You might want to layout your gig description in bullet points, e.g. Facebook, twitter, book marking etc.

Most importantly, make a brief explanation on how you can reach the audience as you claimed, e.g. 1 mil Facebook users and etc. Looking through a buyer’s eyes, not many people have 1 mil connections on Facebook, so it all seemed too good to be true or a suspicion that you’re using black hat methods (which I don’t think you are). This might clear up a lot of misconception about your service

Just my two cents and I hope it helps in some way 🙂

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Personally, its hard to believe someone would actually work for one full month for $5.

Here’s my issue with your gig:

  1. You misspelled a few words. (“Provider” in your profile image/logo is spelled wrong, and “clients” was spelled wrong)

  2. You claim to be a company of 20 seo experts and have 100k clients, but “bvisit” has no website or web presence, so it seems very unlikely to be true.

  3. You say you manually add visitors, then you say you use software, then you say you don’t use bots. Which one is it?

    So right off the back, its hard to believe such claims. Your offer is tempting though. I would have to wait it out and see how many satisfied customers you get after you supposedly promote your gig to 10 million people. :-/

    Of course I could be wrong, but at a first glance, that’s my opinion on your service/gig.
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