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7 Tips to Attain first 10 buyers! 4th point is really important


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Grab a coffee before you read this post and it’s a must read

I joined fiverr to get a logo for my website, and the results were pathetic even for $5. He was new to fiverr and i guess he was new to graphic designing as well(his description said 3 years of experience though). I requested to cancel the order.

Then after 2 days i bought another gig( Terms and conditions and about me from a copywriter), and the seller asked for $30. I was okay with it because he had 5 years of experience in this field.( Level 1 seller), and he failed to deliver so he requested to cancel the order.
Well now i had $30 in my account and i wanted it withdraw the amount(Did Not use paypal’s withdraw option) but fiverr didn’t let me, so to withdraw this money…
I decided to sell my services here… because market is huge and buyers must be facing the same issues that i faced with these sellers.

First i made a basic gig " install wordpress" on 15th july to see the buyer’s request that’s all.
and see what people are requesting and what they really want.

So on 15th July(night), i made my first serious gig ! in 2 hours i got a buyer(buyer’s request of course) and in 4 days i was a level 1 seller ! maybe by the end of this month i will be a level 2.

So how did i manage to get 10 sales in just 4 days ?

<1–> Completed my profile details and gig’s description ( TRUTH ONLY)
I have seen people( new sellers) who LIE in their profile description after reading the descriptions of Top rated sellers.
If you have 6 month of experience, write that you have 6 months of experience, no need to feel bad about it…
If you have the charisma and the confidence, the buyer will choose you. JUST DON’T LIE.

<2–> Join facebook groups, entrepreneur forums, google plus entrepreneur groups.
These people will need your services as they want to do something new, they have something in their mind and maybe they don’t have the skills to start the business.
That’s where you come in, They will contact you if you are active enough on the forum and can solve their problem by your skills. Dont spam this forum, this forum is mainly read by sellers:
Check this post for more: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/forum-activity-more-sales/

<3–> I gave an idea to my gym trainer to get his own website
Told him how it will benefit him and how he can sell his videos to a person in other part of the world…
He was convinced and wanted a website to do that…
I simply asked for 50% of what he earns from the website as maintenance charges and $120 through fiverr(wanted some sales here, happy to lose 20% for an awesome review).
We have 7 members in 10 days ($80 each, so i got $40 each too :P)

<4–> Answered buyer’s request to solve their query.
I refrain from “i have 20 years of experience, hire me you will get to know what heaven looks like” JUST NO…
Tell them that you have solved a particular problem before and I solved it by blah blah blu(my magic spell,it always work,if you need real examples you can comment here, i will provide you some)

<5–> Convert your customer into a client, maybe he gives you an opportunity to work on a million dollar project ? who knows?

How to convert a customer into a client?
Even if the project is worth $5, Don’t take it lightly. Give your 100%. If a customer is asking for more than it’s worth then simply say NO, If the customer is good, he will understand and ask for another custom order…(this will not affect your rating, so don’t worry), Saying “NO” is a healthy practice.

<6–> Tried to stay online for 14 hours a day(mobile and laptop)
Set notifications on your mobile so that you can answer to buyer’s query ASAP. They will simply find another seller if you’re not fast(competition).

<7–>Last but not the least, Googled " how to write a description as a copywriter" , " Headline as a copywriter"
But you can Hire a copywriter to write headlines and description, with seo content ($20 max, you can even get it for less…).

I can use this post for my blog as well 😛

Do share your experiences , tips and whatever you do to get extra bucks in the comment section below.

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