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Some really arrogant and stupid seller on fiverr


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There’s this guy “******” selling a guest post on CNN for $995. I asked him for a review copy as his english was really poor and thats when he started getting rude.

His message : “we can show client sample work if they interested on the service”,

After reading the above message, I asked him if he writes the guest post himself as his writing skills were really poor. You can it see yourself, i do not have to point out grammatical errors. Hint “Helping Verbs”.

Instead of sending me some convincing messages he sends me the following messages:

“Though who cant afford to buy my service, we don’t provide them any sample”
“If my language skill is poor, you have no language skill at all… lol”

Fiverr should do something about these stupid and arrogant sellers. A basic english test for those selling guest post would be a good start.

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