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7 Things to Keep in Mind when you Buy Quotes for your Social Media


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  1. Order GIGs which offer specific formats for different Social Medias - each social media has a different size requirement. There are Sellers who can format the quotes for any Social Media

  2. Usually “1000 quotes for $5” means that the quotes were downloaded from the web/google/other Social Media Platforms and the Seller does not have any copyright. NEVER buy a GIG from a seller who cannot provide the copyright.

  3. You can get the full advantage of branding the quotes with your logo and website - there are GIGs which offer this - don’t settle for less.

  4. Awesome background images cost a lot - a legitimate Seller will use Royalty Free images from sites like pixabay.com and unsplash.com to avoid copyright infringement.

  5. Make sure that you order quotes GIGs that provide UNIQUE quotes - Sellers which design all the quotes themselves - you do not want to get the same quotes that everybody else have - even if the seller has the ownership on those quotes.

  6. Make sure that you do not add too many details & text on the quotes - nobody will read them because even though the resolution is big enough, the Social Media platforms resize them to fit their platform and few people click on the quotes to actually read your little story from the footer of the quotes.

  7. I had clients who asked me to remove the author from the quotes - please do not do that, it is not ethical. The author must always be visible on the quotes. It’s common sense to credit the author. I also had a client who asked me to replace the author with his own name - now this is not acceptable at all - please do not do that!

In conclusion, Quotes are a great way to engage your audience, get news fans, motivate your customers and make the associate “a good emotion” with your brand and social page. Use the quotes wisely and you will definitely get great results.

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