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Communication skills vs Professional skills


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Hi friends,
I am thinking to delete my gigs from fiverr, but before I would like to know your opinions about, what was wrong with them?!

About 2 months ago when I’ve created my gigs I was thinking that the highest quality of service is the key of success. Since I don’t have any order!
I am a professional photographer and digital imaging specialist based in Milan and I am very sure about the quality I produce, so I think there is something wrong how I represent my services?
I am not a native English speaker and I understand that my English is far not perfect. However, I am used to working in a multicultural environment and I converse in Italian, English, Russian and Armenian and never have any communication problem with any of my clients.
Is there something wrong with my English Now?))

I would be grateful for your any constructive criticism.Thank you!

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Dear Global Perfect:

There’s a motivational song about an ant and a rubbertree plant. Perhaps you should whip out your Frank Sinatra collection and give “High Hopes” another listen.

From what I can see, you have only 3 gigs, when you could have 7.
Are you actively pursuing customers via Buyer Requests?
Have you listened to the Fiverrcast episode “Working Through Language”?
What are you doing with your blog, on Twitter, on YouTube, on Instagram, on ChumHum, and so on?

It seems to me that rather than giving up, you need to up your game.

For many people, myself included, starting out on Fiverr is a slow process. Some people choose gigs that take off right away, but for me and thee, it’s a process that may take a year or more.

Bottom line, instead of deleting your gigs, finetune your gigs, add more gigs, and do more to promote your gigs!

Good luck,

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Dear blaisefaint,
Thank you very much for your help and valuable advice!
The idea to delete my profile was not because of giving up, but because of time management…
However, after reading your suggestions I decided to keep my gigs until I will have enough time to learn how to promote me on fiveer.

Thank you again for you kind comment!
Good luck you too!

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