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The Art of Grabbing Buyer Requests


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Everyone know that Buyer Requests is the first place a Fiverr Seller goes to make his initial cash. But for the beginners, things are worse. If some suggestions to approaching Buyer Requests can be provided, it’s definitely going to improve the livelihood, right? 😛

Here are the patterns i use-

For my YouTube Intro Gig :

Hello name/sir,

Would you like to see the sample of the work before you can choose? I will readily provide you some, just leave a reply and i will get back to you in no time.


After this, i try to create their required video and send them the initial samples in low video quality (avoiding delivering them the content before order).

For the summary gig, i just add why they should choose me. I prefer keeping the message small in 2-3 lines to make it readable and not boring.

And More:

  • Stick to the budget of the buyer
  • If there’s no budget, prefer sending him an appropriate one, sending 5$ offer for 50$ work will mess up if he accepts and 5$ work for 50$ is bound to be ignored
    -Set the time again measured by interest of your buyer, seek 3 days minimum for normal works(to avoid delayed delivery)
    -Choose the precise gig before placing offer, a wrong gig for wrong work is definitely going away

Let me know what way you follow.

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