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Hello there, I have Limousine company here in US. I would like to send an e-mail to travel agencies about my company. My e-mail should tell them about my company and what kind service we offer, with correct grammar. I don’t know which service type can help me with this. Can anyone tell me which service type should I contact here please?
Many thanks

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It depends on what you already have setup for email marketing. Do you have an account with Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, or some other email marketing service? Do you have a list of people you want to send the email to?

Getting your email marketing up and running can seem overwhelming, but once you do the initial setup it can make a big difference in your business. Here are a few basic steps you will need to do to build an email marketing structure that will last and will help build your business:

  1. Have a website
  2. Have an email associated with your website (bulk emails from .gmail, .yahoo, etc often go straight to the spam folder, or may not get sent at all). Your should get an email address such as Yuhan@mylimoservice.com
  3. Setup account with an email service. Some are free, some are paid. If this is your first attempt, try a free account to learn the ropes.
  4. Get a professionally written email with a subject line that will get people to open the message and will keep it out of the spam folder.
  5. Decide if the email will be plain text or HTML (For cold emails like yours I recommend plain text. It seems less like spam and makes it easier to get up and going).
    Bonus: You could also create a system for getting people to your website and capturing their emails for a regular newsletter, but that is a more advanced topic.
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You should have a nice looking website the email directs them to with a link to it.
Don’t try to sell your service in an email.

Do you know that travel agencies get paid a commission when they refer people to your service? Without that commission they will ignore it.

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Thank you very much taking all your time and trying to help me cmcbride. I am sorry for late respond, just logged in again.
Question, Who can write professionally email for me? (number 4)
I will definitely will try all your advice. Thanks a lot again.

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