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I dont make sales since i got bad Review


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Hi Everyone!
I joined fiverr some months ago, though i don’t used to get order due to
the fact that am not usually be online. Because of this, i dont make more
than 7 sales for two months.
The service that give me this sales is facebook group posting.
and what stop this order to come is the last sales i made that
the seller gave me negative review.
I contacted him after 2days i delivered that i don’t get respond from him but no

after 4days, he respond when i was not online and gave me bad review.
and i contacted him to change the review that i delivered the best service.
He was expecting to make sales immediately and i explained to him that the
best to do is to create and email submit on his site instead of sending traffic
to his affiliate product directly. But no answer.

And because of this, am unable to use buyer request because my rating
is less than 90%.

Please what can i do to make more sales and how can i get more view to my
gigs, because am tired of looking at my account without order.
Please help me.


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