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Introduction from Influencer Blogger/College Writing Professor


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Well hello, I’m new here but not at all to freelance writing or freelancing. I’d love to make connections with buyers and sellers so feel free to add me and KIT. I’m a professional blogger, article writer, content and copywriter, and social media marketing manager and have been freelancing all over the board–Upwork, Freelancer, Problogger, you name it. I also have worked mostly online for over 16 years as a college writing professor–so I come with SME credentials in regards to writing and teaching others how to write. I also have a BA and MA in English, MA in History, MS in Psychology, and doctorate in Ed Tech for 4 total grad degrees, but lately I’ve been focused more on the writing end of things–for a reason.

I started to run and manage my personal influencer blog two weeks ago to provide education (I am forever the writing teacher since for now I’m writing most of the content) and job notices to freelance writers for free. But my writing website is a little different than most for two reasons–the first one is me and my SME background in writing not always found by the website creator/content/blog writer. Second it’s got another goal besides posting available jobs for writers’ employment and me writing education tips about writing, I also plan to raise funds perhaps from investors, so yes I’m seeking those right now too, but certainly from affiliates to create jobs for writers with my website. Once the website can raise enough money from affiliates or otherwise to do it, I will use revenue to hire other writers to write about their tips and experiences as well as letting them create profiles for employment seeking. Eventually, I plan on adding video tutorials, interactive tutorials and yes, of course, online classes on the website besides the content and blog. Credentialed to teach writing as a subject matter expert and professor to adults, aligning leadership skills with my website goals has really inspired me and with my social media marketing background and the popularity of the blog’s idea on WP, my blog has generated a lot of interest and I am humbled and blessed since I didn’t expect much. The blog amassed followers quickly and keeps going, growing in what it attracts daily…

I am really just getting started with developing content (it’s mostly the blog right now) and finding affiliates that work (I’ve got a lot of ideas). I’ve gotten a good response from companies I’ve worked with so far to affiliate, as once I tell them I’m featuring them on my blog and then tell them what the blog is about (most of my affiliate tools relate to writing), the give me a nice affiliate deal. (Again, this has been another happy shock). Trust me, when I’m writing about an affiliate, I’ve used the software/website/whatever for sometime too to develop an opinion so that’s one of the reasons I came to Fiverr. I also linked my blog to the things I’m selling here.

I really like Fiverr and would like to boost sales–nothing right now–so I’m all about making connections with buyers and sellers, and anybody that might be interested in the WP blog, **********************. So for know, would you (sheepish grin) like me and be my friend? 🙂

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Hi everyone

I am Shilpi from India. I love writing, travelling and trekking. I am a Ph.D. candidate in Economics and about to submit my dissertation 🙂 I was reading a lot on location independent work that I can take while I travel the planet. So a travel blogger (I forgot the name, sorry) has written on ‘how to sponsor your travelling’. I read the article and she refereed to fiverr in the list saying it is a cool way to earn some easy bucks. I just checked it out and started getting offers. I was rejecting many offers due to my dissertation writing and only taking the one I was interested in. This went on for six months but then I started investing two hours daily for the gigs on an average. Fiverr revenues supported me to take 2 two 10 days each days trips abroad, buy a new ultrabook, a new cam and enough money to plan a two months long trip to south east Asia. All this happened in four months and by devoting two hours daily. I think it is awesome. So now I plan to carry my fiverr freelancing job with me on my round the world trip. It just clicked for me.


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