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Dear Zelzal,

As a new seller, you can offer up to 7 gigs. My advice to you is that you should offer 7 gigs, even if all 7 are simply variations of the 1 gig. When you move to Level 1, you will be able to offer 15 gigs. At Level 2, you will be able to offer 20 gigs. If the Fiverr gods smile upon you and you become a Top-Rated Seller, you will be able to offer 30 gigs.

No matter what your maximum number of gig slots is at any given time, it is in your best interest to offer that maximum number.

You can try different videos, images, and supplemental files.
You can try different copy.
You can post gigs in different categories (so long as they are appropriate for your gig).
You will increase your exposure on Fiverr. Right now, people can only find one gig, in one category, for you. IF you offer 7 gigs, that’s 7 times as much exposure.

I took a look at your gig. It seems fine to me.

However, I think it would help you to revise your profile copy. Here’s an example:

I have more than 3 years experience in Video Editing.
I am a highly skilled and creative video editor with experience in video editing and motion graphics.
Please take a look at my gigs. If you have any questions or concerns, I would be delighted to answer your questions. As a new seller on Fiverr, I am eager to show the world what I can do, and I want you to be satisfied every time!
Thank you for considering my gig!

Good luck,

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Sorry @Blaise but I do no agree with you. I have seen sellers offering the various variations of a same GiG where by they could have used a single GiG to perform all the orders that would have helped them to rank higher and get more orders.

Spamming Fiverr with 7 variations of a single GiG doesn’t makes sense.

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Dear Taverr,

What, you would DARE to disagree with me?!

You should read the Fiverr Terms of Service, as I’m sure that isn’t allowed!*

As my rebuttal, I suggest that you take a look at the profile for Top Rated Seller misscrystal.
I just looked and found 11 gigs offering spells. Would it make more sense for her to condense these 11 gigs into 1?

Is she spamming Fiverr with these 11 variations of a single gig?

Or is she successfully increasing her exposure and selling more gigs than she would if she offered only 1 gig?


*I hope you know this was just a joke. I didn’t say it was a funny joke. Maybe one day I’ll offer a gig where my jokes are funny. No promises!

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