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Please Suggest Better Tags to my gig


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Can anyone please suggest some better keywords/Tags to my gig other than the tags i have added, My gig url is below. thanks


ytheekshana : I will create 5 of 50 great full hd video intro for $5 on...

For only $5, ytheekshana will create 5 of 50 great full hd video intro. | You can Visit my Daily Updated Intro Gallery from the link below. https://g****l/vpCt4tJust Choose 5 Intro Videos from the Gallery of 2016 RevealsWe know that | On Fiverr.com

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First off, you are not allowed to put gig-url’s in your post as this is considered spamming.

Second, there is actually a useful technique for finding tags for your gig. I have had a couple of PM conversations with sellers about that and have to walk through the gigs to help here. As this is time consuming I have to consider creating a gig about this. This on the other hand isn’t easy as it would have to be a live consult via s***e or Google Hangout, what is against the ToS of Fiverr.

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