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Impressions and sales down


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Hi there for longest while last few months i was having much success in many sales etc, and inquiries
in last week or so it has stopped , almost nothing
has anyone gotten similar situation?
i really was relying on fiver to make a career out of this
but now this lay off is wrong
suggestions please, feedback on my profile? or anything would help thanks

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There lies the problem, you relied on a site that doesn’t create reliability or stability. And how is it wrong? Think logically. Fiverr is not a career path, but a platform showcase and utilize your skills. When promoted to the best of your ability, you generate clientele. Also, a big thing is the amount of demand for a service. If you’re selling a service that’s not “hot” in the marketplace, things will be slow. There are many factors that play into being a successful freelancer.

I would definitely change your avatar. You’re not Patrick Troughton.

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