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Is Your Gig Photo Helping You Sell More Service?

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Your video and pictures should clearly show what your Gig service offers.
I know that this sounds logical and you’re probably thinking . but I’ve been scoping out different Gigs on the site and was surprised by the number of Gigs I found with photos that don’t connect to the Gig services being offered.

For example, if your Gig service is “I will hold a sign with your message while wind surfing for $5”, but the Gig photo/video is of you sitting in a room holding up a sign or talking about it, then it may not sell as well as if you actually show buyers what they’ll be getting.
When buyers are searching and scanning through the site, that photo next to your Gig title plays a big role in whether a buyer will click on your Gig or a competitor’s.

It’s so important to consider these picture and video slots as sales tools. If the photo is not related to the service they are looking for, or just doesn’t draw attention, then the chances that a buyer will skip past the Gig is higher.
One way to get ideas is to search for Gigs that offer services like yours, see what pictures competitors are using and how they all look together.
Ask yourself:
“Which Gig would I choose?”
“Would I choose mine?”
“What can I do to make buyers want to click on my Gig?”

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Honestly, I’m wondering just how much gig photos even matter.

I’ve browsed through my category and I’ve seen so many terrible photos that make it look like the person offering the service can’t tell the difference between a professional portfolio and their Facebook profile. Yet, they have more sales than I’ll probably ever manage.

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Some people who’ve been on Fiverr a longer time built numbers when competition was lower and their numbers keep them going. As Fiverr grows, new sellers have to work harder. It might be by being cheap for awhile, offering amazing quality or quantity, marketing, better videos or images or being first with an idea. It’s not as easy to be first with hundreds of new (often bad) gigs going up daily. Survival is a big key, by any means.

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